About Us

Established Since 2001

Charlie’s Custom Tailor is a company, formed by two great friends from traditional families of tailors, for over 4 decades. Our service focuses on personalized attention; we put very special attention on every detail to get the perfection. Our goal is to get the complete satisfaction from our costumer, because it is our art.

In our beginning in this art, we had a master tailor, who used to call Charlies to the people with whom he had a most cordial and friendly treatment, over time our relationship as friends was becoming more solid and we begin to named Charlies, is for this reason that by opening our business we decided to use the names, because we believe that this is the treatment that we must have with our clients.

Ours Tailors together have more than 90 years of experiences in Custom Tailor and Alteration, you will be pleased, is our guarantee. Where we will dedicate the time that is necessary to offer you the best service in New York City, we are open to any challenge related in the world of sewing, in our family business, we want you to feel with all the confidence, as if you were talking to that person who honestly tells you the truth, which is best for you, what you should wear and what not, to project a good image of your personality to look as your wish distinguished, casual or elegant. Do you have a Charlie’s?

Our services focused on personalized attention for each client. We are specialists in the Bespoke Handmade suit & Custom Made, with English and European techniques We take our clients personal image very seriously, which allowing us to be one of the best tailors in New York, We will not hand over a garment that does not reach our high quality standards, but also we offer a variety of alterations for start from a hem, shorten sleeps, patching up your pants or Jeans to the most challengers alterations like Resizing, Restyling or remake any garment.

Also we have our store Charlie’s Clothing (ready to wear), specialize in developing some of the best clothing. Our exclusive line of suit, pants, shirts, vests and accessories, have the look like (Custom). You will feel the experience as a Tailor-Made Garment but in very short time.

We are a company that is serious about professionalism and perfectionist; we fulfill our orders on the agreed date leaving you with nothing to worry about. Put your garments into our hands, and we will do everything possible to provide first class services to make sure you leave Charlie’s Custom Tailor happy and satisfied.

We don’t do much media publicity because we believe that the best advertising is a satisfied client that is proud to recommend us to families and friends. We are conveniently located in the center of New York (midtown) and very close to Times Square, Rockefeller center, and nearby Bryant Park and Grand Central station, in Charlie’s Custom Tailor; you will find a professional customer service team and experienced tailor. Come and visit us and you will leave in a few hours impeccably dressed. Now it’s your Choice!